Woodworking Projects

I am fortunate to have a Dad who is a skilled and experienced carpenter. Many of my childhood toys were made by him, and are still played on by my own children today. Over the years he has passed on some of his knowledge, training, and passion for woodworking. Another one of my hobbies is building fully functioning and quality sound cigar box guitars! One of my favorite places to be is in my garage workshop building things by hand. Here are a few of my recent projects:






10696417_10100340419425564_5601438213263896860_n1920415_10100177635949954_1374209409_n1654274_10203190481667205_1066359396_n155948_10200108568701307_888617527_n281706_856673404494_326648830_n249120_10201113260657978_1411945342_n155948_10200108568701307_888617527_n 1381883_10202182960679810_1910182155_n1463388_10202583293767887_907278044_n400312_3207005578365_1992446342_n32342_4867298564652_2013578336_n




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