A Note From Me

Thank you for the opportunity to pursue a position with your company. Over the last decade I have had some great opportunities to gain the experience necessary for excelling in various positions of influence. From being a shift manager at Starbucks Coffee to running my own business doing guitar lessons, I feel well equipped to exceed the expectations of any opportunity placed in my path. Currently, I am serving as the Minister of Worship Arts at Center Point Church. The Area of worship has grown from 25 volunteers to 50 in the 3 years I have been in this role.

By graduating from Media Tech Institute Dallas Sound Lab with a Technical Degree in Recording Arts, I have been equipped with the discipline needed to get the job done well.

Along with my education & experience I am also a self-motivator who flourishes working in a team setting. The “Leading With Your Strengths” test,  my natural style is Supporting Relater with an adaptive style of Coordinating Analyzer . I am confident that with my character traits, upbeat attitude, and motivation to excel and grow in a career, I will be a great asset to your company. I hope you will give careful consideration to my candidacy for the position.

Jeremiah Duckett


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